1937                Born in Prezza, (Aq.), Italy.


1952 - 1957     Istituto Statale D' Arte "Gentile Mazara" Sulmona, Italy

1955                Received award at the Chieti Exhibition, Italy

1957 - 1961     Istituto di Belle Arti, Florence, Italy

1961 - 1971     Worked as commercial artist in in Italy and the United States

1972                Returned to painting




1960                Sulmona Art Gallery - Sulmona, Italy

1978                Rockwell Gallery - Cambridge, Massachusetts

1979               Rockwell Gallery - Cambridge, Massachusetts

1980               Duxbury Museum - Duxbury, Massachusetts

1994               Winfisky Gallery, Salem State College - Salem, Massachusetts

2004               J. Raimondi Gallery - Charlestown, Boston, Massachusetts

2005               Winfisky Gallery - Salem, Mass.

2006               Suffolk University Art Gallery

2007               Bentley College Art Gallery

2009                Caturano and Company Art Gallery, Charlestown, Boston, Massachusetts




1955               Chieti Exhibition - Chieti, Italy

1956               National Exhibit of Art - Aquila, Italy

1957               National Exhibit of Art - Avezzano, Italy

1958               National Exhibit of the Fiorino - Florence, Italy

1974               Cyclorama Exhibition - Boston, Mass.

1974               Brockton Museum - Brockton, Mass.

1974               B.V.A.U. Exhibition - Boston, Mass.

1975               Contemporary Art: Italian Eritage Exhibit - Boston City Hall

1976               Brockton Museum - South Shore Exhibit, Brockton, Mass.

1976               West Broadway Gallery - New York, N.Y.

1976               XI Grand Prix International D'Art Contemporain - Monte Carlo.

                       Awarded The U.N.E.S.C.O. Prize

1977               Old Kings Highway Gallery - Cape Cod, Mass.

1977 -1978     Invited at the XII and XIII Grand Prix International D'Art Contemporain,

                        Monte Carlo

1985               Awarded the Gold Medal dall'Associazione Abruzzesi in America, as the

                       most distinguished Abruzzese of the Year

2000               Arts Around Boston, Exhibit2000 - Boston, Mass.

2004               Gallery at City Square - Charlestown, Boston, Mass.

2004               Traveling exhibit in Prezza, Laquila,Rome,Italy, Boston and Cambridge U.S.A.

                       with Italian Artist Massimina Pesce.

2004               Boston International Art Fair,Sunne Savage Gallery Boston, Massachusetts


2005               Boston International Art Fair,Sunne Savage Gallery Boston, Massachusetts


2005               XXXII Rassegna Internazionale d’Arte contemporanea Premio Sulmona,


2006               XXXIII Rassegna Internazionale d’Arte contemporanea Premio Sulmona,


2006               Boston International Art Fair,Sunne Savage Gallery Boston, Massachusetts

2007               XXX1V Rassegna Internazionale d’Arte contemporanea Premio Sulmona,



2008              Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery, Columbus Centre, Toronto, Ontario,Canada.


2008              Winner of the 10th round of the Head to Head competition at the Saatchi

                       gallery in London England.

2011        McGladrey Gallery,FLORA, artwork inspired by nature. Curated by  Christina Godfrey


Represented by the Sunne Savage Gallery in Winchester, MA

Alexander Alvarez Contemporary Art , Alessandria, Italy



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Telephone# 781-584-3068




National Museum of Monte Carlo

Museum of Contemporary Art of Sulmona, Italy

Cres Llc, Lynnfield, Massachusetts

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Vitale Caturano, Charlestown, Massachusetts

Dynamic Corporation, Billerica, Massachusetts

Adobe Corporation, Waltham, Massachusetts

McGladrey Company,Charlestown, Boston, Massachusetts





Represented in numerous private collections in United States, Europe and South America